Cold rain wets the withered shriveled flowers
The echo of the strong rain fades the murmur away
Your name circles in the air…

It went far, but it couldn’t reach you.
Rain increased intensity and surrounded you mercilessly

The crying you got caught in the rain.
Now far away, your back shivered,
As the wet withered flowers.
Heavy rain drenched down,
and surrounded everything

You are not flowing away
Sorrow and tears can only connect two people.
But, right now, I’m not at your side
From far away I’m watching….

You try to hide tears with rain
Shedding tears to cuddle the withered flowers
Also time, ceased the heavy rain
A rainbow shows up in the shy
come, move on

Light shined in the sky of lead

Inside you, I’m alive
The surrounding sound of rain
still recalls it