My sincere pride
Solo Song
lyric: Hiro music Hiro

By kicking the weak ones around, the nation raised a godly groan.
looking down on the cynical people who drowned in self-interest.

Awoken by a nightmare where the arrow of time got stuck and words and deeds got hung.

More or less people are changing by throwing away their one-sided values and empty-headed overestimating.
By not wanting to take the current hand.

“The right to live” isn’t enough for the future, the human who can’t find a way out of this dies.

Even small hope gets crushed by reality, normal common sense goes mad and honestly also gets trampled down.
Is to cut off all feelings the only way to move forward?

Those who can’t find the meaning of their own future of “daily life”,  just fall and die.

I’m singing solo for “Authority” “Dignity” “Affection” with good faith.

Translation: Ryu &  sairensu