My scars haven’t disappeared…
words/lyric: Hiro

Day-by-day it blocked my vision too much, knowing that your confidence had disappeared from your sight.
I should get over it and not return the “mistake”, but knowing that I can’t face it…

Weakness was not accepted so the “memories of Gray” felled down with the nonstop rain.
(I wanted to)….Stop it

I wanted to be loved and not to be loosed in pain…but…
In fact even if when I tightened justness, I couldn’t erase nothing

Someday worthless words will fade away.
Even our lies will be saved, wouldn’t that be good?

Only “blank” thoughts are left, nothing is visible anymore…only in hesitating…
“without Falsehood in words”

It did hurt, I cried over it again all day, tried to understand…but…
At the end, I recognized that I’m alone again…which left a “deep wound”…

Few notes
目 *eye/eyesight -> vision
去 *leaving -> disappeared
過ち *mistake -> fault
同じ場所 *standing in the same place -> being alone again.
憤 *resentment / anger

Translation: Ryu