Sea of Trees

unable to find the door while lost wandering in the deep forest.
The sunshine filters through the foliage from out a gab a kindly beckoning.
Surrounded by the trees my body started to root
Wishing that I also can become a part of the calm forest.

Hey, at the moment we are born and die we are alone.

I’m going deeper inside the black, soon I will rest here
Lighting a cigarette and blowing  []

Memories rushing through like a revolving lantern

In this life I really wanted to be able to smile
But I’ve noticed I don’t  feel the need too.
So sorrow, is the only thing I can face
Because of my weak, cunning miserable self.

There was even a dream that I wanted to do stuff.
But, knowing even with hope it wouldn’t pay off.
But if I would love somebody
Would I be able to live and to be able to forgive my own hate?


Translation: Ryu