mother, I chased after the summer day
mother, I was looking for your warmth
I wished to forget the good old days and the crimson bottling sky.

Playing by myself at the park just like a little kid

That day, I faced as a little kid while waiting for his mother.
A day of playing in the sandbox, but you didn’t come back

Mother, was I a good kid?
Mother, did you love me?
I shouldn’t be selfish, I just should follow it, so I should go quickly

[Why I am abandoned….? I shouldn’t wonder about it]

Mother, Was this really the way?
Mother, didn’t you want me as child?
I can’t dislike you, why, doesn’t give a bitter taste comfort.
In this world you are the only mother for me.

That day I really wanted to see you, I went away from father in secret.
I got off at a strange station, heading in a hurry to your living home.
Even from this far distance, I wanted to meet you in a glance.
But you where holding tender a different person.

[It’s alright. You surely should be a tender mother ]

Translation: Ryu