Hey, I’m swimming to the bottom of the dark sea.
Look, sunk somewhere so deeply
Look, you can’t not even see the light anymore
Already so deep that moving up is impossible.

Turning into countless bubbles
You are drowning wrapped

If you want to run away, you should run away.
It won’t reach the voice of the broken heart
If you want to forget it, you should forget it
Since this world is very worthless.

Isn’t it if you are going to sleep
That you hope that you won’t wake up?
Also that you shut off yourself from the world
That you are sleeping with a closed mind.

Distorted memories which can’t be remembered
I wonder if you would be the one that laughed.

The morning flow of you being born
Not sorrow’s but only tears of joy
You can’t escape from my bottom of my
Take and Hold the hand which is stretched out

There is no hope in our future, there is only anxiety.

Fortunate always disappear quickly, just almost like bubbles.

[This song, is different from all love songs of the world.
It puts you to sleep on the sea bottom, It’s my love song with no hope]


Translation: Ryu