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Short interview of 11/10 performance starring artist “THE NOSTRADAMNZ”!
Towards, 11/10 band Interview no.3, starring the vocalist of “THE NOSTRADAMNZ” Nemoto Kouhei.

Q: First of all, please your self-introduction of each member.
A: On Vocal and Bass, Kouhei Nemoto aka “Lucifer”
On Guitar, Yoichiro Endo aka “Kyoujin”
On Drums, Hayato Uemura aka “Piero”
We form with 3 members THE NOSTRADAMNZ

Q: Please tell us the origin of the band name and the band concept.
A: We are the kids of the last century, even being scared to shivers, we had the feeling of excitement, which the band name symbolizes. *
At lives and with our sound we want to share that feeling with everybody.

Q: What would be the LIVE highlight for a visitor of this event?
A: Coming to our live and feeling it yourself is giving you a better impression than if I would answer in this interview.

Q: At 9/27 you releases “ZOMBIE WORLD KEEPS SINGING”* Also another single was released at 10/5 named “ヴィルヘイムに告ぐ”, please tell something more about the release to our readers.
A: The tone of the first is a punk, pop noisy track.
It also contains a phrase which you have heard somewhere.
At our live, put up your fist to the heaven and let’s sing together.
The 2nd single is a heavy dark 4 beat disco number.
At our live we would love that you sing along and jump up high in the heaven.
Both singles containing 6 songs, the title track, remixes of the track and also remix songs of our EP “dai yogen”.
Also it contains a original karaoke of the title track, so for you it’s also possible to stand up at the stage inside your own room.
Also a new single will be released this November.
We are planning to sell it at our next live at 11/4
Maybe you are already informed about it, when this interview is published.
So please take a look at our official twitter accounts for more information.

Q: what’s the spirit to release continuous in such short period of time?
A: Because we don’t want to be forgotten.

Q: Finally, what’s your vision and goals for your future activities?
A: The principle is “That people can enjoy us”
I really want that lot’s of people will enjoy our music.

*can be also translated as: At the end of the century, when we were kids,
we were so scared that we could not stop shivering, but still we were over excited.
The band name expresses this feeling.
* release via closet child, was already available to buy at live gigs.